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Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso Eau de Parfum for Men

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Pure instinct; the power of an emotion that is freely expressed. It
is the force of a determined man, with a heart that is rooted in
tradition, yet revels in the modern world. This product is a woody
aromatic fragrance, whose profound appeal is defined by a brand new
discovery in the olfactory world: the Moepel accord which has been
re-created from the flowers and leaves of the milkwood tree using
headspace technology.

  • Top notes: Opens with luminous aquatic notes and green accents of
    basil. This fresh feeling is completed with notes of marigold and
  • Heart: First come the notes of lavender and then the tobacco
    masculinity is further defined with soft dry notes from absolutes of hay
    and bran?
  • Base notes: Luxurious floral, balsamic, and honey accents. Intensity
    and strength come from the profound combination labdanum, sandalwood
    and cypress. A contrast of fresh, warm and rich, that completes the
    composition of the fragrance and emphasizes its woody charm

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