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Did you know that depending on the season it sometimes affects your fragrances? Certain fragrances don’t react well to sweat and summer sun. Therefore, you may opt for a “fresh fragrance”. Meanwhile, in the colder months you should look for a warm and cozy scent. We hand picked these fragrances based on what we know work well in each season. Read on below to shop by season fragrances:

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Shop Spring Fragrances

Swap out your winter scent for something light and fresh this spring. Why not welcome the flirtiest season of the year (hi, spring!) by switching to a fresh fragrance?

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Shop Summer Fragrances

Bid farewell to the woodsy, spicy fragrances you cozied up to on cold days. Summer’s almost here, y’all, and your perfume wardrobe is due for an update. So as you’re dusting off your espadrilles and shimmy into your favorite sundress, reach too for fresh citruses, floral, and other sparkling, zesty notes to wear on your escapades in the sun, salt, and sand. Ahead, shop fragrances that fit the bill..

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Shop Fall Fragrances

Cleaning is to spring as shopping is to fall—so there’s no better time to stock up on new perfumes to go with your new wardrobe. At the very least, use them to prop out your vanity for a killer Instagram. Here, the 11 brand-new perfumes from Tom Ford, Dior, Chanel, and more to add to your fragrance collection.

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Shop Winter Fragrances

It’s freakin’ cold out. And sure, you could wrap yourself in a cashmere blanket, crack open your favorite book, and get the fireplace going. Similarly, you could indulge in one of these perfumes, candles, or diffusers for an astonishingly similar level of coziness – no fireplace required.. How convenient is it to be able to shop by season fragrances?

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