What is EDTEDP?

EDTEDP is a fragrance sampling service that allows everyone to experience luxury perfumes and colognes. Indulge your senses with our genuine and authentic professionally hand decanted Niche & Designer fragrances. Offering hundreds of fragrances with free shipping and top notch customer care. EDTEDP has no limits and knows no bounds, the world of fine fragrance is yours to embrace.

Frustrated by limitations – EDTEDP was created out of the desire to inspire your freedom of exploration!

Enjoy the freedom of luxury & the luxury of freedom!

Fragrance is a first impression- an energy – a memory. Fragrance is an experience, and we encourage you to experience the art of scent exploration.


EDTEDP encourages all free minds and free spirits to choose, try and express yourself without any pressure or obligation from us for monthly subscriptions. We will never ask you to commit because we don’t expect you to settle.

Scent can be an expression of who we are and how we feel in any given moment. Since we’re dynamic and ever changing beings, we feel you should be able to switch your scent as often as you switch your outfit. We believe in your freedom of choice, your freedom to change and your freedom to grow!

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