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What is Decanting?

Using sterile lab grade pipettes- we carefully measure & transfer the liquid from 100% genuine fragrance bottles into various sized spray bottles. The durable, high quality glass vials used, help eliminate chances of breakage that can occur during transit as we expect & encourage you to travel with our samples.

For best application and in turn for best results, we only use first class spray tops. It’s important to us that you have equal distribution. In other words, less waste & no mess when applying a fragrance. Our bottles are compact and made to fit just about anywhere that your active lifestyle will take you!


The Decanting Process?

Decanting is the act of pouring a liquid from one container-like vessel into another, without disturbing the sediment. We transfer fragrance from the original design house retail bottle into a sterile sample spray vial or “decant” as we like to call it. EdtEdp always and only uses sterile, aseptic techniques when creating your decanted samples.


The EdtEdp Advantage!

Edtedp grants you access to hundreds of niche and designer fragrance brands to begin your fragrance voyage. No need to sign up for monthly premiums and we’ll ship for free all over the USA!

Edtedp is the best and more affordable way to explore, sample & try new Niche and designer fragrances. Change your scent like you change your outfit with unlimited options, travel the world with your favorite perfume, or simply sample until you find your signature scent!